Friday, January 4, 2008

2nd Post, More of an update

Well, yesterday I got a kid potty seat and some "special" treats to start getting jovi used to the potty. he doesn't talk yet so he cant tell us he needs to go so whenever i change him i set him on the seat. Today he actually peed in the toilet and got some yummy special treats. We were so Excited. Right now Victor is in Puerto Rico playing in the pre olimpic qualifier game he will come home late 12 be here the 13 and leave at 7 am on the 14 for Turkey. He will not see the boys for 3 months which is very sad for them. I will be going to visit for three weeks or so in the middle sometime. Hopefuly we can servive this arangment. Corbin can sit up for just a sec and then he falls forward. he eats a ton and is gettting so fun. well thats it for now.


Well Christmas was a little lonley with out Vic here, but some of my family was also at my Mom's for Christmas. Victor and I opened our gifts early and than the boys opened their christmas eve present (which is always PJ). Jovi got a bike that he will not allow anyone else to play and Corbin got a Baby Einstiens play mat thingy. He loves it too. thoes were their big toys and their favorite.