Monday, April 27, 2009


So our good Friend Dionis got married last July. Her husband was not a member of the Church and when i went up north for Easter found out that he was getting baptised. I had to go! The whole thing was in Spanish though I caught bits and pieces (and missed most of it. Church Spanish is much different of course) Though the spirit has no language. I remember the day Victor was baptized and what a special day that was for me also. To be that much closer to being an eternal family. The spirit was so strong that day and so it was so exciting to know that someone else was receiving that blessing too. Jiovan and I went to the baptism with Cala and Jesus, very good friends of ours. It was good to see them and the people who used to watch Jiovan when he was a baby. We keep in touch and Jiovan just LOVES her girls!

well we missed easter (by a long shot)

So I tried posting a couple times for easter without being able to upload the pictures so here we go...(again). We went to my sister Michelle's. On sat we went to an Easter egg hunt Payson had. It was cold and rainy and the boys wanted NOTHING to do with it... Easter Sunday was better. It was warm and sunny. The boys loved their baskets and I have to say looked freaking hot in the new clothes. They loved playing with Reagan and It was fun to see my sister. That's everything in a nut shell but that's what you get when you wait long weeks after Easter to post :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday letter to our Jiovan!!!

My sweet Jiovan. where do I begin?! I love you so much! You were not a planed baby but I would never call you a mistake! We were on Vacation in Dominican Republic for the first time, I wasn't feeling well and I thought it was because I had drank some of the water from the tap while brushing my teeth. Though when we returned we realized you were coming. Papi was so excited, I remember I told him while he was practicing volleyball at BYU and he screamed it to the team. I wasn't so sure about you coming, I was nervous and didn't know if I was ready to be your Mami.

You didn't seem so sure of coming into the world either. You were one week late though this was good because Papi was playing volleyball matches with his team in Hawaii.
I went into the hospital on the night of the 23rd. They gave me some medicine to help you come but sent me home for the night. The next morning we went in bright and early to get some more medicine. You still didn't seem to want to come out. The doctors ended up having to cut you out of my tummy.
We were so excited to see you. Our precious baby boy! 9 lbs and 7 oz 22 inches long. We were the most perfect baby! You never cried unless you were hungry and even then it was more of a coo. Right away you were a Papi's boy. You loved to fall asleep on his chest. (you still do). You loved to eat! you ate so much! We asked the doctor if we should limit you but he said you were fine. at your 3 month check up you weighed 21lbs. YOU WERE HUGE! We loved all your rolls! We can not love you more! I can't believe you have been with us for 3 years!

Some of the things you like right now are:
Airplanes. you love airplanes. You can hear them and love to point them out in the sky. You never miss one.
You like riding your scooter and you have been able to ride is for over a year now.
You love to color, and play with cars. You love playing with Papa's Chevron cars. You are a picky eater. If you don't like what we are having for dinner you will pass even though you can't eat anything else. You go to bed without.
You love Corbin. You like to pick on him but if he's sad your right by his side. You always hear him first when he wakes up from naps.
You love the water, doesn't matter if it is the ocean, a pool, the splash pad or the bath tub. You are a little fish. You were never afraid to put your head all the way under water.
You know almost all of your ABC's but if I'm quizzing you, you like to tell me they are different letters. Though if I tell you it is a different letter you always correct me.
You know your colors and most of your shapes.
You always through your trash away even if you're playing outside, you'll bring it in. (I love this)
Your favorite cartoons are The Micky Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins.
You love playing with your cousins and Always want to go play with Uncle Josh.
You love your brown checkered Vans. *you are on your 3rd pair
You always have to have a love and a kiss (usual multiple times) before falling asleep.
And you usually rather me fold your blanket up and you hold on to it rather than being covered with it. You sleep with no covers at all.
You are so polite. You always say please and thank you, Bless you, and You're welcome.
I love your smile and your contagious laugh. and your long curly hair. I can't go anywhere without people stopping me to say how cute you are! We are so lucky you chose us to be your parents!

This is your First "bike" you were about 6 months old.

And your precious blanket

You Hate being dirty. . .maybe this is why:) we were camping at Coral Pink Sand dunes
9 Months old

6 months old. (your blessing)

4 weeks old

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So Right when i got back to the states I got the stuff done for our health insurance... Well wouldn't you know Corbin just couldn't wait to get sick?!

The poor little guy started coughing one day and I figured he just had a cold. It wasn't a bad cough... the next day I couldn't tell if it was a croup cough or just regular... I took him to insticare (always the best place ***rolling eyes***) and they looked in his throat said it looked really bad. They just put him on an antibiotic. That was on Friday and on Monday he was still feverish and not eating or drinking anything. I took him in to see his Doctor. He said his throat fine but he thought he might have Mano because C was going to bed at 7 sleeping until 10 then nap at 12 -4 and back to bed at 7. sometimes longer. and he had a crackle in his lungs. He decided to wait it out because we didn't have insurance and they couldn't test him for it for a few more days anyways... well two days later C wakes up in the middle of the night coughing and not being able to stop. There's nothing worse than when your kids are sick and there is nothing you can do for them. So I woke up my dad to give him a blessing and he stopped within a minute or so.. such a miracle. I took him in the next day to find out he's got wheezing AND crackling... He had Pneumonia. The treatment for all this is to stay on the antibiotic and do these breathing treatments... NO FUN FOR EITHER of us. Well it has been over a week and all is well now...
So spring break weekend my Sister Michelle came to St. George to spend some time with her in-laws. We managed to sneak a peek of her as well a few times. The day she was going back home we decided to get together and make lunch at my G-pa's house. The picture above has my two, the one in red is my sister Crystal's. and Michelle's are in green and the little guy hiding in the back with black/gray stripes. It was fun to see everyone. the only ones that couldn't make it were Josh's kiddos. (*** Jiovan and Regan look like siblings, don't they?!)
These handsome fellas are Crystal's boys.. Draygen, Tayton, Briggs,and McCoy. I can not imagine having 4 Boys!!!
This is most of the kiddos eating suckers out back at Grandpa's house!! what a sport he is for having us all!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First week back.

So the first week we were back it was spring break for my brothers kids so they stayed at my mom's house and we watched them. It was so nice for the boys to have other kids to play with and they were so good with them! One day we made cupcakes and had spring sprinkles and leftover valentines sprinkles and i just let the kids do there thing... This of course was too messy of an activity for Corbin so we did it while he was napping.... Here are the results... Jiovan loved it but didn't really care to eat it.. had maybe two or three bites.

This is Ayden. My brother's son.
And Avery. His Daughter
Then them together..... and last but NOT least...
Jiovan! (I can NOT believe he will be 3 this month!)
And Corbin... this is him coloring. His favorite thing to do.

Our Last Week In Italy

So were back. When I say we, I do not mean my whole family. I mean the two little boys and myself. Yes, we had to leave Vic in Italy. We didn't realize until it was too late that we had to extend our "tourist visas". But Vic had to get a visa to even get into Italy since he is a citizen of Dominican Republic. This was very hard. I hate being away from him and it is even harder to explain to the kids that we have to leave him again for a while. The first few day Jiovan told me he wanted to go home. That was sad. As much as I enjoyed touring Italy, I did not like living there but I would give anything to go back and be with Vic.

These are their drinking fountains... they run constantly and the last week that we were there I decided I would actually let them play in it.
*notice the graffiti on the roof? yes, it is covering the entire play set thing

Just a random morning I took a picture of the boys with their Papi... Love you, miss you!