Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Moster at the end of this Book

The Boys have been obsessed with reading lately. One of thier favorites (thanks to Grandma-Mac) is The Moster At The End Of This Book. It's one that they can totaly get into and they both scream pretty much through the whole thing. Tonight Jiovan was reading Corbin the book before he had to go to bed... So tender!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just love them!

I just LOVE these guys!! I can't believe how fast time goes by! I'm so greatful that I get to stay home and raise the boys!
Sometimes they get out of hand, but what kid doesn't?! They are so funny and give such great loves!! (Corbin's are still wet most of the time) Jiovan has been making really crazy smile faces lately which makes for not so great pictures but he's still so dang cute!
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Friday, January 16, 2009


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It has never happened!!! I have never been able to get my internet to get me to a new post! So I am taking advantage of it now!
A little update since we arrived to Italy:
First we *me, my mom, and my boys (victor was already here) got here and adjusted to the 8 hour time difference!
We than went to Venice. It is crazy how much old stuff is still standing and you're able to go inside not just look at from outside!! Everything is so well preserved! I was worried about my stroller working out for me and being too wide for doorways.... well in Venice it barely fit down the street!!!! There are no cars there so no need for streets wide enough for two people to walk side by side right?!?! But we made it and had lots of fun.

We had Christmas here with mom we managed to find stuff to make a Christmas dinner (with much struggle since they don’t even have tin foil...I mean seriously!? Our Christmas tree consisted of a cut out tree from a long roll of wrapping paper (not one Christmas tee lot in our whole city!) and decor cut from a different roll of wrapping paper. Santa seemed to find us anyways! On Christmas eve Jiovan was opening his pajamas and says "Oh I lub it!" So precious! Jiovan got an airplane and boat thing a mat for his cars and a bunch of cars, and some blocks. A doodle pad thing (the magnet kind) some helicopters. Corbin got some animals the same doodle thing. Some cars and a xylophone. A ball and a bike. They loved their stuff!

We spent New Years in Rome and it was amazing also. We walked for hours on end and pushing the kids in the stroller. Amazingly they did pretty good! There was a huge concert in the coliseum so we couldn't go in. which was a bummer.

We had a crazy snow storm and built a snowman with bare hands! Burr it was cold.

We also went to this old church here in Crema that was built in the 1500's (I think) anyways there was this REALLY creepy statue that was in there of a woman with her hand chopped off and bleeding and looking up with a horror look on her face... IN A CHURCH?! Wow. But it was built in like 1600 or something like that. Anyways I thought it was odd. Won’t go back there.

Corbin went pee in the potty the other day but is not ready for potty training I was just getting him used to the potty before he is and much to my surprise he actually went!!! He's saying lots of things like "I don’t know" and just different thing. We were teaching Jiovan to say his full name and Corbin started saying "tista!" .....and won’t stop! Jiovan is starting to talk more clearly. They both say Chow to everyone who walks by, which usually gets a smile but people here are so sober no one is smiley here.

Well I know I missed a ton but you can't expect me to remember everything. I still can't upload pictures (sorry Michelle) but hopefully I can comment on your page now :)
My Mom went back home on the 9th and Was glad to get back to my Dad. We are glad she was here and was REALLY glad for the help on the plane and while she was here. So any visitors are welcome!