Tuesday, September 15, 2009

way too long.

I haven't posted anything in far too long. Though I'm not able to upload pictures right now I just wanted to note what we've been up to...

Victor had left for Dominican Republic to be with the National Team once again. They practiced for a couple weeks then went to California (where I was able to meet up with him and spend a few days, thanks to mom/sis for taking care of the boys), then he headed to Mexico and on his way back to DR the boys and I met up with him and are able to spend a little over a month hanging out with his family.... It has been another great trip so far.
The weather has been the hardest adjustment since is stinking hot AND humid. The boys RARELY have anything on besides underwear/diaper for 2 reasons. First because ITS STINKING HOT AND SWEATY! (and if I could do the same I would sure want to.) and second because washing clothes is not quite as simple. they have these washing machines though they are not the same as ours. you put a small load in to wash, it washes and then you take them out and rinse them by hand and put them in a little spot to spin then hang to dry, much work and lots of sweat.... THANK YOU VICTOR (and his mom) for doing the laundry...

I'm so grateful to be able to spend time with Victor while he has to play with the national team and at the same time spend some time with his family. The boys are loving it here and now is one of those times I'm happy I had them so close. They are best friends and have been fighting MUCH less. They are great entertainment for each other.

thats our happening as of now and I will be sure to post lots of pictures when we return!