Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I finally did it.

I finally took the time to do it. I went private. I hate private blogs because I always forget to check them. But I know people who create open blogs to let people know of updates. Maybe next year right?

Right now I'm in Spain visiting Victor for a couple weeks while my Mom and family take care of all the kiddos back home. I am eternally in debt to them for this. It was a necessary trip though.

The babies are doing great. They have started eating baby food (total nightmare if you are not fast enough). Though they are doing great with it. They are able to roll around now. This does create a problem when one rolls just right to kick the other in the head. It's amazing how often this actually happens.

Jiovan is still doing his pre-school. He's such a smart little boy! And it is amazing the things they start to do at home when they are in school. He is a perfectionist and is ALWAYS still working on his stuff when it's time to go. 99% of the time we are finishing his work when we get home. I'm so proud of him and how well he is doing though. 100% worth the time and money spent going to this pre-school. Talent sprouts is the best there is, I'm sure of it :)

Corbin I think needs a little extra attention now that Jiovan is in school and the babies have been born. Maybe he's having an identity crisis. Middle child syndrome. He is my snuggle bug and love him to pieces. He can't wait to start pre-school. I just hope we'll be somewhere that he can go though I highly doubt it.

Victor is doing great with his Volleyball here in Teruel, Spain. they are in the top 3 and I'm sure they are capable of taking another championship.

I have started working 2-3 days a week at the day care at Desert Palms. I thought it would give me something to do, a little extra cash, and a distraction from having Vic gone. I was wrong. It is just tonz more work to get all the kids ready and out the door to get to work and I'm always getting off right at bed time. But the extra cash is good and has really helped even though it is very little.

All in all we are doing pretty good. Everyone is healthy and I could not be any more grateful for that.