Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Best present by far was Vic coming home for about 5 days!
couldn't have enjoyed it more!

My parents gave the babies Johnny jump ups and they LOVE them!! (i love them too)

The twins blessing

Vic came back from Spain for only 5 days so we were unable to have the traditional Sunday blessing for the babies so we just got my family together and did them at my grandpa's house. It was short and sweet and very casual.
My family. I can't believe how big my older boys are getting!

My siblings. Not too often are we all together.

the whole gang... minus Scott. It is finally not MY husband missing from the picture!

my awesome sisters. really couldn't ask for a greater family.

Great grandpa Mont, Grandpa Mac and Grandma Mac.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going private!

I am going private 1-1-11.

If you would like to continue viewing e-mail me your address to or leave a comment.

getting ready for christmas.


Jiovan had a little Halloween party at school. this was his caramel apple. He was so proud of it.

They had storytime.

They also went trick-or-treating to the surrounding businesses. This is Jovi's little bestie.

Jiovan and corbin trick-or-treating (this is the first year they were really excited about going)

Captain Hook and Peter Pan

Captain Hook, Peter Pan and a couple of monkies.

Xavier's first on camera smile.

They rode in style trick or treating. Pulled mostly by there uncle Josh.