Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Catch up

So potty training went really easy. Jovi picked it up right away. After the second day of going every 15 minutes he got sick of it and started telling me no and yes when I asked him if he needed to go potty. Now he just tells me and almost every night his pull up is dry.
We stopped on the side of the road to eat a pizza by the shore and Jovi needed to go potty. So we took his seat out of the car (because he wouldn't use a public bathroom with out it) and set it between two rocks so he would go. I thought it would be a priceless picture in about 15 years.
Then he was playing in this little rocking chair, fell, and hit the bridge of his nose and busted it open. We took him to the ER cause the doctor was not in his office yet. The just taped it and gave us some stuff to put on it after the tape came off a few days later. Its not too bad now...just a little mark. Oh, and this was after he hit his eye on a rail at one of Victor's games and got a black eye.
Jovi likes to copy everything he sees someone doing. He likes to do push ups with Vic, and one day after there was rain corbin was trying to drink the water on the ground and Jovi started copying them. I got a picture and quickly stopped the madness.
Corbin was so funny one night at Victor's game when the camara would flash the orange light to take a picture Corbin would give his cheesy smile where he scrunches his nose. It was so funny.
At that same night Victor was playing a former teammate, Russell, and they have the cutest little girl. Jovi loved playing with her.