Sunday, September 28, 2008

Semi-Finals here we come!

Thanks to last nights win (and my amazing hubby) The Mayaguez Indios are deffinately going to be in the semi-finals!!


Today we decided to take the kids to the Zoo. Mainly Jiovan because Corbin doesn't really know the difference. Jiovan walked almost the whole way (except for some quick stops for eating, and waiting for the rain to stop). Victor and I would pick him up so he could see over the fence to look at all the "am alls" . At one place in the zoo there are some cut-outs of different kinds of animals so kids could see if they are bigger than the animal and we were sure to stop and take some pics! We got a family pic by the elephant even though you can't really see it. Then Jiovan was waving "bye-bye" to him. We stopped at this place there to get the kids something to eat and drink. Like always Jiovan wants to do whatever his Papi is doing. Corbin was just happy to get out of the stroller and run around. Jiovan was loving it! He got to see tigers, lions, giraffes, all sorts of birds, monkeys baboons, hippos, camels, llamas, ostriches, iguanas, turtles, zebras and tons other ones that I cant think of!

This is front and back of some t-shirts we got for the kids and they were so excited to put them on when we got home. Jiovan likes anything new!
I just liked this pic of Jiovan looking at the giraffe! He loved them!
While we were waiting for the rain to stop Jovi decided he had to go potty. And when a kid has to go a kid has to go!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


The other day at the pool we caught a lizard and when we let it go it didn't run away. It just stayed there while the kids pet it. When we showed Jiovan the lizard he looks at it and said "hi" to it. So precious!

We went to the pool a few times with this other family that has a vacation place here. Jiovan loved playing with their daughter and the floaty was perfect for Corbin. He loves to walk around in the pool and occasionally he would fall. He can usually get up himself but would need our help if he fell back. The floaty kept him free but also afloat.
This is just after Jiovan Jumped into the pool. He LOVES the water. He likes to run and jump into the pool (trying to upload a video of it). He also likes to sit on the bottom of the kiddy pool with his head under. In the big pool he pushes of the steps and kicks his legs and arms trying to swim to us. He'll succeed in no time!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of those days...

As I'm sure most of you parents know that once in a while your kids have a day that you just KNOW your kid(s) are out to get you. Well yesterday Jiovan decided to have one of these days. I almost let him get the best of me, but I'm so lucky that Victor is home with me and I can run in my room and get a little breather. He decided that NOTHING was going to make him happy. Not snacks/treats, toys, hugs, kisses (and I'll admit a few spankings.) If he wasn't crying he was whining. And to top it off he did not make it to the bathroom to go potty (NOT EVEN ONCE!) Luckily bed time came (way later than usual) but it came. And today was a new day and he was back to his sweet giggly self.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kids say the funniest things.

So only I would do 3 posts in one day, but I just remembered something funny Jiovan said the other day and I had to write it down.
So If I ask Corbin if he is poopy Jiovan will walk over to him, pull his diaper out and if he is not he says "nope!" and if Corbin is poopy he says "eeew gross".
Well I was buckling Jiovan in the car and I smelled a mysterious smell so I gave a little sniff and Jovi says "I no poo Mom! Bo bee poo."

Going to the beach!

On Wednesday we finally went to the beach. Since the hurricanes have been passing us we hadn't had a lot of good weather. So the first sign of good weather we headed to the beach. We went through the palms in this one spot and got attacked by mosquitoes. Seriously there were like six on us at one time it was bad. But we had never had this problem before so we walked to where we were the last time and there were no mosquitoes. Thank heavens! We had a good time the boys loved playing on this cheap little raft we bought. They both love to dig in the sand. Then we were going to leave, we always bring clothes, soap and lotion for the kids 'cause they have showers and we bathe them and they fall asleep on the way home. Well, we could NOT find the keys to get the clothes from the car. So I set the chairs back up and gave the boys a drink while Victor went back everywhere we had been. He didn't find they keys and decided they had to be in the water. So he went to where we had been swimming and started to look. And he actually found them. How lucky huh?!? I mean what are the chances of finding keys in the ocean after we had been swimming for 3 hours? incredible.
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Time Out

The other day we took the boys to Time Out in the mall
to let them play. Corbin loved to play in this little space
ship ride and Jiovan liked anything with balls or a steering
wheel. Vic was a good sport and helped the boys with the
games. Victor and I played some air hockey I kicked his but
the first game and then he beat me by one point the second.
I was pretty pleased because he usually kicks my butt. (at
everything!) I think over all we had a good time and tired
out the boys.
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another face injury

Its really hard to tell because of poor quality, but The other night at Victors game Jiovan was running fell and hit his face on the floor. For some reason whenever he falls (which is quite often) everyone freaks out and he just hops up and keeps going. Well the same thing happened and he got up and was still crying and then there was blood. Everyone was freakin out more so we just went and got some ice. No big deal but his lip swole up pretty good. about the size of a small grape. Not to mention he has a scar on his nose and a scratch on his eye (he was jumping on the bed and hit his face on my toe nail...yeah i know) anyways. This kid is accident prone but nothing compared to my cousins Dave and Summer's little boy.

Our Computer Baby

What do you think about my little new baby baby girl? - What will your baby look like?
For those of you who always say we need to have a girl....
Still think so? haha

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Translations of the below article :)

For those who are interested here is what the whole article says (translation done at :

Batista: the offensive machine of the Indian Víctor Batista, of the Indians of Mayagüez, averages up to now 4,91 points by partial. (First Hour / File) Wednesday, 3 of September of 2008 Brought up to date 19 hours ago (00:00 to.m.) José Ayala Gordián / First Hour The Dominican reinforcement of the Indians of Mayagüez, Víctor Batista, is found of leader in annotations of the phase to regulate of the League of Male Upper Volleyball (LVSM). Batista, that reinforced last year to the Patriots of Hearths, counts on a total of 363 points, divided into 319 attacks, 18 blockades and 26 direct services. Batista is averaging 4,91 points by partial. In turn, Yosleyder Cove, assailant of the New Giants of Carolina, occupies the second position with a total of 349 points. Of these, 318 they have been in attacks, 16 in blockades and 15 in direct kick-offs. Meanwhile, Damien Scott, of the Patriots, is found in the third place with 347 points. Curt Toppel, of Carolina, is room with 327 so many. While, the colocador of the Banana of Corozal, Fernando Moral, is first in direct services with a total of 32 aces. Toppel continues him with 28 successes, while Batista (26) is third and Scott fourth with 22 successes. Despite that was replaced by the Patriots, the imported Kristopher Kraushaar is of leader on the whole of pass with 363 in 72 partial disputed, good for average of 5,04 by episode. Kraushaar shows off the new mark of more pass in a party of the LVSM with 51. On the other hand, the mayagüezano Angel "Baby" Matías, sweeper of the Indians, is the leader in defenses with 251 raise in 75 partial and average of 3,35 by sleeve. The national sweeper and member of the Patriots, Gregory Berríos, occupies the second place with 236 defenses in 76 partial. José Spanish, of the Mets of Guaynabo, is third with a total of 214 defenses in 76 partial. Matthew Denmark, head office of the Mets, continues of leader in blockades with 50 caps and average of 0,70 by partial. Mannix Román, head office of the Indians, is second with 50 hats, but with average of 0,69 by partial. Josué Núñez, of the Patriots, is third with 48 blockades. In the line of acomodos, Moral also is in the first position with 418 acomodos and average of 6,06 by partial. José Plots of land, of the Giants of Enclosed, is second with 409 acomodos, while July "Gabi" Acevedo, acomodador of the Patriots, is third with 297 acomodos. Corozal visits to Mayagüez The Banana of Corozal will visit this night to the Indians of Mayagüez in the court Wilfredo Bull of Ant hills in search to trim the advantage of the Indians in the first position of the global board. Mayagüez is the current leader of the tournament with 39 points, but a victory of Corozal in three or four partial would approach them a point of the tie. The Banana they occupy the second position of the standing with 35 points. The party between Banana and Indians is the unique one in calendar for this night. Tomorrow Thursday the Changos of Naranjito visit the Patriots of Hearths.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Bastisa: The Indios Offensive machine"

This article took up the whole page in todays Primer Hora newspaper.
Basicly it says my husband is AMAZING!
Batista: la máquina ofensiva de los Indios
Víctor Batista, de los Indios de Mayagüez, promedia hasta el momento 4.91 puntos por parcial. (Primera Hora / Archivo)
miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2008 Actualizado hace 19 horas (00:00 a.m. )
José Ayala Gordián / Primera Hora
El refuerzo dominicano de los Indios de Mayagüez, Víctor Batista, se encuentra de líder en anotaciones de la fase regular de la Liga de Voleibol Superior Masculino (LVSM).
Batista, que reforzó el año pasado a los Patriotas de Lares, cuenta con un total de 363 puntos, divididos en 319 ataques, 18 bloqueos y 26 servicios directos. Batista está promediando 4.91 puntos por parcial.
Por su parte, Yosleyder Cala, atacante de los Nuevos Gigantes de Carolina, ocupa la segunda posición con un total de 349 puntos. De éstos, 318 han sido en ataques, 16 en bloqueos y 15 en saques directos.
Entretanto, Damien Scott, de los Patriotas, se encuentra en el tercer lugar con 347 puntos. Curt Toppel, de Carolina, está cuarto con 327 tantos.
Mientras, el colocador de los Plataneros de Corozal, Fernando Morales, está primero en servicios directos con un total de 32 aces. Toppel le sigue con 28 aciertos, mientras Batista (26) está tercero y Scott cuarto con 22 aciertos.
Pese a que fue reemplazado por los Patriotas, el importado Kristopher Kraushaar está de líder en total de pases con 363 en 72 parciales disputados, buenos para promedio de 5.04 por episodio. Kraushaar ostenta la nueva marca de más pases en un partido de la LVSM con 51.
Por otro lado, el mayagüezano Ángel “Bebé” Matías, líbero de los Indios, es el líder en defensas con 251 levantes en 75 parciales y promedio de 3.35 por manga. El líbero nacional y miembro de los Patriotas, Gregory Berríos, ocupa el segundo lugar con 236 defensas en 76 parciales. José Castellanos, de los Mets de Guaynabo, está tercer con un total de 214 defensas en 76 parciales.
Matthew Denmark, central de los Mets, continúa de líder en bloqueos con 50 gorros y promedio de 0.70 por parcial. Mannix Román, central de los Indios, está segundo con 50 sombreros, pero con promedio de 0.69 por parcial. Josué Núñez, de los Patriotas, está tercero con 48 bloqueos.
En el renglón de acomodos, Morales también está en la primera posición con 418 acomodos y promedio de 6.06 por parcial. José Quiñones, de los Gigantes de Adjuntas, está segundo con 409 acomodos, mientras Julio “Gabi” Acevedo, acomodador de los Patriotas, está tercero con 297 acomodos.
Corozal visita a Mayagüez
Los Plataneros de Corozal visitarán esta noche a los Indios de Mayagüez en la cancha Wilfredo Toro de Hormigueros en búsqueda de recortar la ventaja de los Indios en la primera posición de la tabla global.
Mayagüez es el actual líder del torneo con 39 puntos, pero una victoria de Corozal en tres o cuatro parciales los acercaría a un punto del empate. Los Plataneros ocupan el segundo puesto del standing con 35 puntos.
El partido entre Plataneros e Indios es el único en calendario para esta noche. Mañana jueves los Changos de Naranjito visitan a los Patriotas de Lares.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Binki Free!

So Corbin turned one over a month ago and that is when I take away their binkis or bottles. It just happened that I never actually had trouble with this since Jovi refused his bottle at 9 months and lost all his binkis on a trip and never really cared. We took Corbin's bottles away before we came here but he has loved his binki (and so have I). So I have been avoiding taking it away, making up excuses and justifying that he is not near as old as the kids here that still have binkis AND bottles. (there are a ton of kids that are like 4-5 with binkis here) So I just decided I would not buy anymore binkis once he lost them. Well Yesterday he lost his last one. So we have been a full day with no binki. It hasn't been as bad as I thought.