Sunday, December 14, 2008

Menzis Camden Macfarlane

Menzis Camden Macfarlane
8 pounds
six ounces.
19 inches long!
Congrats Josh and Kristin!!!

My brother had his baby on Thursday and he is one cute little bugger! Since Kristin is diabetic the baby had some problems with his sugar when he was born (his sugar was better the next morning). He had a hard time breathing and was put in the NICU so he could be on a c-pap machine and some forced air. They put some meds in his lungs to help them develop and so he had to be there for 48 hours after that. He cant eat because of the air so they have tubes giving him his food.
He has now been taken off the C Pap machine and they are lowing the level of the forced air. He seems to be doing well and he is much less swollen since these pics and still just as cute! They still say he'll be in there for at least 3 more days.

Seeing him really reminds me of when Corbin was born. He didn't have the C-pap but he had an IV in his belly button (which made it so I couldn't hold him for 4 of the 5 days he was in there) and some breathing things. plus all the wires they always have hooked up for monitoring. This makes me want another one even more (not right now but eventually).....Vic still says "NO!!!" So we'll see.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


On Monday I decided to take the kids to a movie so my Mom, Dad, Corbin, Jiovan, Uncle Greg (not pictured, he was late), and I went to see. I was worried about how long they would be able to stand sitting to watch the movie but they ended up doing pretty well!
Jiovan sat through the whole movie and just loved it, Corbin sat through 45 minutes (thanks to 3 cup fulls of popcorn) then got up and was able to wonder a little bit since we were the only ones in there! It was a cute show and Jiovan loved watching and Corbin loved the treats!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Before and After

This is Corbi's before haircut/gel and... his after. MUCH BETTER!

and Jiovan's after gel and ..........................................his before.

Now you know why the gel is such a prized possession.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Corbin's first (real) hair cut

Today I finally took Corbi over to Crystal's to get his hair cut... I don't know why but it grew completely uneven when he was a baby. It almost looked like a Mohawk so I would "trim" up the top to make it look better. Well since it has been almost a year and a half it was well past due to even it up and get rid of the thin stuff and mullet looking back.

He did NOT like it at first but as soon as he realised I had the camera he was all smiles! I forgot to take an after picture so I'll post that later, but it looks SO good. Its much shorter but looks thicker and a little darker too!

OH! On a side note... Our gel came today!!! There is only one kind of gel that works well in my boys hair. Through trial and MUCH error Victor found this get that worked amazing in his hair. It stays soft yet doesn't get white and flaky and doesn't make it frizz more! We found it living in Provo at smiths. (yes it was a last resort place to check but we had tried EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE!) Then, they stopped carrying it. We were devastated and looked in ever salon and ever store to find this gel for "ethnic" hair. No one had it so I turned to the Internet finding it at Walgreen'! AMAZING!!! Anyways we have been out for weeks now (I have some hidden from me in storage somewhere). So It got here today and my kids will finally look like someone cares for them! YAY!!

*The other day Jiovan came looking for me and came across my Mom and said "Mami?" and my Mom turned around. He then says "Oh, you not Mami, you Mama." We thought this was so cute and today when I was giving them a bath I wondered what he would say if I called him Corbin. So I say, "Corbin come here." and he replies, "I no boe-bee, I ME!" It was so cute!
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Dickens Festival

We went to the dickens festival mostly for the Santa that they have. He is the best Santa I have ever seen... Maybe even the REAL Santa!!! We let the kids nap fed them and took them straight there so they were in a good mood. Santa was feeding his reindeer and wouldn't be back for like an hour. So we let the kids play in the waiting line since no one was there and then it was time!!! ...THE kids got to see Santa!!! We did pictures of each child alone and as single families and than as a group (sadly my sister Michelle could not have her kids there with us). It took us 35 minutes and the kids were eager to get the treat!

Jiovan and Corbin both decided they were NOT going to smile. This was okay because they weren't screaming. As soon as I took Corbin from Santa he started saying "cheese!"...bother! I also could not resist posting the picture of my nephew Tayton him and Santa are pulling faces and it is SO cute!

After seeing Santa we walked around. Many neat things that made me wish I had a place to decorate. One day, I tell myself....One day. But I did enjoy looking! My Dad forced my mom to get her picture drawn by an artist there and I think it turned out well. It took about a half hour and my Mom's poor neck was stiff. Meanwhile Jiovan is screaming his lungs out while I walk around ACTING calm. This is very embarrassing! Finally he calms down and Corbin falls asleep. Than I get to walk around and actually look at stuff. At least 5 people had asked if Jiovan and Corbin were twins. . .It's starting already.

By the time we left we had been there for 4 hours!!!! I was ready to go home and the kids were as well!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This week (and last) we have been getting my Mom's Christmas decor out. We did my Grandpa's lights on Monday, which usually get done the Monday before Thanksgiving but who knows why it didn't happen. Then yesterday we got all the lights up at my Mom's house and it was FREEZING.
Since we do not get to spend Christmas with any extended family this year I have been really been enjoying the pre-Christmas traditions. Like, going to the festival of trees (and doing a tree this year, turned out great, was madness, and never again) Lights, decorations, Dickens Festival and Making a gingerbread house.
I had the stuff to make a gingerbread house for like a week now but haven't gotten around to it. So today I put Corbin down for a nap so Jiovan and I could decorate it... Looks don't matter right? It's how much fun you have making it! Jiovan LOVED it he was giggling the whole time and loved ever minute of it. (I'm sure a lot had to do with him eating more treats the actually putting on the house) And I was more messy than he was! He told me "Mami, your hands are MESSY!" then he proceeded to like the frosting off my fingers.

Christmas is my most favorite time of year, and although I will not be able to spend it with my side of the family (like have been my entire life) I'll be with my own little family and we can start our own traveling Christmas traditions!