Tuesday, July 6, 2010

32 weeks

so here it is.. The dreaded profile pregnancy picture...

My sister is throwing me a "baby shower for 2" (open house) on Saterday. She sent invites through my facebook, however if you ignore those invites like I do and you would like to come anyone is welcome. It's always nice to see old friends.

When: Saturday 10th of July
where : 260 N Donlee Dr. St. George Ut 84770
Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Lately my family has found it amusing to walk about 5 steps behind me at the store to watch people stare and the funny things they say.

Some people haven't had their "think before you say aloud" checked and have said things like:

lady at oshkosh, "Hi, how are you?" me, "good, you?". her, "Better than YOU! You look like you're ready to pop."

lady at costco handing out samples: "HOW MANY YOU HAVE IN THERE?! 5?!!" me, "no, I have 2." her, "WOW, HOLY COW!!! HAVE ANOTHER!" me, "no, I'm okay" her, "YOU OKAY, BUT BABIES NOT!! HAVE ANOTHER!!"

Yes, people REALLY say stupid stuff like this. I'm starting to want to punch people... don't they know i actually look in the mirror in the morning and know that my clothes are not rapidly shrinking?!

Anyways, I'm so ready for these two boys to join us... every day gets worse and I can barely walk at this point. I'm on restricted activity and have to go get monitored every week for a non stress test.

Vic has done a wonderful job taking over my responsibilities at home. Though, I know he's ready for me to take over again.
In about 1 month from today these babies will be with us since they will not let me pass 37 weeks. (THANK HEAVENS!) Can't wait to see what these little guys look like.