Thursday, July 30, 2009

Corbin's Birthday....

Brand New
Corbin had fluid in his lungs and had to be in a NICU for 4 days. What a long process... though he was a GIANT compared to all the babies in the nursery.
4 weeks after he was born we moved to Puerto Rico for the first time... we rigged up a little shade for him. to this day he lOVES the water.
I'd like to think that these boys will be forever best friends.... They fell asleep like this in the car Christmas Day 2006`
Corbin is my little snuggler. He is also my feisty one. Right now he is also a one man wrecking crew. Turn your head for one minute and he is doing something he knows he shouldn't. He loves Jovi More than anything (he also loves to tease him). He's not sleeping as well as I would like... he gets up and doesn't want to go back to bed even though we never let him stay up... we just take him back to bed 100 times.
He loves his grandma and his favorite toys are remotes and computers (the things he can't have.) He talks up a storm and 1/2 the time you can tell what he is saying. The rest he is speaking his own language. He is a great swimmer. He loves to go underwater and jump back up. He is the sweetest little boy we love him lots and what a surprise he was when his blue eyes never changed.... (well one of them is kinda green). Even though this Birthday post to him is late. We love him all the same! How much they change in just a couple of years.... and more yet to come. We love you Corbin!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

St. George Road Runner's game

We hit the St. George Road Runners game a few weeks ago. It was hot but the boys LOVED it... afterward they had fire works. Corbin hated them at first (on the 4th he just wanted to go inside, I just figured he was tired). He was trying to run away. So I picked him up and ooo'd and awe'd a few times and then he loved them...

We also found out they have a bunch of Dominican's on the team. I think Vic was excited to see people from him home land :)

To say the least we had a good time!

Jiovan loved to do ANYTHING his Papi is doing.

Jovi was using his pack of glow sticks we bought like a baseball bat.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

so far...

had some nap time... this doesn't happen very often with Corbin... he's a little too active :)

we went up north and spent some time with my sister while Vic did a camp... University mall has a great little play area for the kiddos.

We then got together with my sister and brother and their kids in St. George to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D...The boys LOVED it

4th of July of course... we had a few small fire works infront of my grandpa's house on the Black Hill before the sun bowl fire works... Every year we go ontop of his garage and watch the big fire works (best seats ever) and have root beer floats.
Corbin tried sparklers once and didn't want anything to do with them after that.... so we just got some random ones of him..
I know you can't tell by the pic but Jovi LOVED the sparklers... though he would just stare in amazement and watch them burn.

The boys had fun playing with the smoke bombs.

My nephew Ayden thought it was funny to make it look like smoke was coming out his @$$. I have to admit... I laughed too.
Why do boys love playing with fire??? Vic was burning a pile of matches.
FINNISHED MY PROJECT!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED. they turned out so cute.... they are both the same but here is the outcome!


A trip to the park... kids never get sick of this stuff, do they?!

In July Victor and I got to spend some time alone with out the kids... we hung out in Vegas after Victor flew in from playing some V-ball. We went to Hooters (it was his 1st time). and he got a HUGE sandwich.

we also booked a tour of the dam. They served dinner and it was really nice and relaxing.We got back and realized we had left a LOT of cash in the safe at the hotel so Vic, me, and the boys headed back and stopped at in-n-out and the boys had fun with stickers and the hats.

I started a new project. I decided to make quilts for each of the boys for their beds. I also made matching pillow cases. This is before it was sewn together.

If you really know my dad he LOVES to water the lawn with the hose... he got a major upgrade when they had their water going and got the pump out.
and another day at the park... love this pic.
That pretty much sums up the pics I have for June.

May .....

In May my sister came down and we were able to go to the splash pad and have some fun... here are some pics from that...