Saturday, October 23, 2010

lately....and thoughs of going private.

I've been crazy busy.
had surgery, again. A non cancerous tumor removed from my abdomen.
all is well now, just haven't been able to lift over 10 lbs. which means I can't lift the babies.
My family has been amazing. couldn't do it without them.
Nov 1st I will be able to have them all to myself again. can't wait!

I have been considering going private. Seems like it's the thing to do these days.
What do you think? I seem to not check them as much since i don't get notified when they make a post. So I hate when people do it. but it just seems the time to do so.

photo update with few words (for my remembering haha)

we attended the NICU reunion. was nice but i still couldn't hold my babies so they stayed in the whole time so no one could really see them.

Corbin shooting hoops... perfect form. every time. ONE PROUD MOMENT!

my niece Avery. Such a good helper. Not the first time she's been found napping with a baby.

Corbin looking for "the lost boys" from Peter Pan

the babies got a special package from my friend in Belgium. Perfect for them!

Andre at the Park. They are getting so fat!! love it!

Corbin and my nephew Kyler. He's so fun to have around!

How could i pass up putting an elastic in his hair... he hated it until i told him i wanted a picture.
Jiovan and Corbin watching a movie wrapped up like their baby brothers

My nephew Ayden. who is also so nice to have around. helps me lots with my big boys and babies

Xavier's first trip to the park. so active :)

taking pics with the boys!

three stooges....or three amigos, you decide.

I swear they look like siblings.

Jiovan's gangster face

Jiovan with Andre, Baby Nola, and Corbin with Xavier.

Xavier and Andre meeting my Cousin's baby, Nola.
(she's younger yet bigger)

Fayrine made blankets for Jiovan and Corbin they became their "blankies" and Here she is delivering blankets to Andre and Xavier.
LOVE THEM! they have paired dinosaurs on them. SO CUTE!
Thanks again Fayrine!