Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Did I ever tell anyone how bad I hate people who steal...expecially from me?!?!?!
So the other day (in a hurry, i guess) I seem to have dropped me debit card. (this is not unusual for me to "misplace" it. ) But I was sure I knew where it was until my husband asked me if I had shopped at Rite Aid. I said no and got online to look at our account. And there was charges adding up to $597.81. So I go through the process of calling the bank and they needed my card number. Which is when I found that it was not in my wallet. So some Idiot who thought they could go on a shopping spree with my money is out there enjoying whatever the heck they bought at Rite Aid and whatever they decided the forgot at Rite aid and went back to get, K Mart, Texaco and Sara Lee's Bakery. *note to self. DONT LOOSE DEBIT CARD.
After many of conversations with the bank and Police department I finally got a signed statment faxed in. If I ever decided to steal 600 bucks I sure as heck wouldn't be spending it at Rite Aid or K-Mart! .......IDIOTS!!!! GRRRRR

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, it has been a while so I thought I'd just update everybody.
Victor is still in Turkey playing volleyball. He is doing well. However, the city he is in is very small and there is nothing to do. He get bored very easily and is missing the boys like crazy. I just returned from Visiting him and It is a very interesting place. Unfortunately My camera battery was dead and of all the things to forget, I forgot the charger. Everyone there is very nice and they during a freaking ton of tea and smoke like 3 packs of cigs a day. . . LOTS of smoke. I had tea with the mayor of Tokat and all the big city people while waiting for victor to shower after a game. . .very uncomfortable.
I returned home to sick babies. Jiovan was just getting over a 5 day fever and Corbin's was just beginning. It got pretty scary with Corbin and we ended up in the ER they did a lot of tests and did a CAT scan to make sure he did not have bad infection in his throat. All was well and it was a virus but it got pretty bad. Just before I left Jiovan had fallen off the kitchen chair and got knocked out. Then when I got back he was doing tricks on his bike and fell backwards and hit his head yet again and it made his eyes go funky. THEN he fell down my parents wood stairs and at the time seemed nothing was wrong just some nasty bruises on his head. Well the next day on the way to STG he was holding his head screaming owwwy owwy! so In the middle of Corbin's ER visit I talked to his doc and determined he had Post Concussion syndrome. (which means there are head aches that come and go.) So a pretty crazy return.
Corbin pulled himself up to his walker today. YIKES! And Jiovan is starting to talk more. And still mixed in with his gibberish. We do not know where Victor's job will take us next but we plan to be here for a few months after a visit to Dominican the beginning of May. This should be exciting. We have not seen his Mom and Dad since Corbin was born (almost 9 months ago) and we haven't been to visit DR since just after we were married. Well that's it for now. and I'll try to be better since I realize everyone is straying from myspace. So now I have to learn the ins and out of this stupid thing.