Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So, late last night I FINALLY got to go pick up Vic from the airport. It was so nice to see him again. Last time I saw him was over 3 weeks ago. We went on a little family (okay not little) vacation to Dominican Republic. Jiovan and Corbin got to see their Abuelos (grandparents) and They also got to meet their Aunts and Uncle. The first week Victor's parents were so wonderful and took the boys to stay at their house while Vic and I stayed at a resort. It was SOOO relaxing. We were right on the beach and it was so nice... after a few days i actually started to burn, so since my Spanish is so amazing (cough cough) I sent Vic to get some sun screen. Well the lady who help him sent him back with tanning oil. While we were there we did a ton of things and the boys had a BLAST! The second week we went and stayed at Victor's parent's house. We ate lots of good food and saw a few crazy places. Some place where the gravity is messed up and will pull you up hill, Indian hieroglyphic , a trail where iguanas came running when they saw you for food (they were HUGE). We went and swam in some ponds and rivers that Victor swam in as a kid and saw a few beaches. Jovi loves any water and had a great time. While we were there we celebrated our 3 year anniversary (how time does fly). It was so good to see Vic's family again and I love how happy it makes him to go back home. When our vacation was over Jiovan, Corbin and I flew back home while Victor stayed to play for the national team. They practiced for a week in DR and then went to play some practice matches in Cuba then went to the Pan American games in Canada. They took 3rd place! (CONGRATS PAPI!) Vic played very well he was in the top players in almost all the categories.
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karlee said...

its about time! The pictures of Jovi kissing his daddy and that little girl are SO CUTE! Fun vacation!

Anderson's Blog said...

Yes, I figured out how to get to the "picasa" site through Michelle's blog...and hours later figured how how to do it! I am not what you would call a speedy-figure-out-how-the-computer-works-person!
Russ just now had a chance to look at your blog, enlarging pics as he went, and enjoyed it! He says it's impressive that you're learning Spanish ("cough, cough"), and that you get to live in all these different places!