Monday, September 1, 2008

Binki Free!

So Corbin turned one over a month ago and that is when I take away their binkis or bottles. It just happened that I never actually had trouble with this since Jovi refused his bottle at 9 months and lost all his binkis on a trip and never really cared. We took Corbin's bottles away before we came here but he has loved his binki (and so have I). So I have been avoiding taking it away, making up excuses and justifying that he is not near as old as the kids here that still have binkis AND bottles. (there are a ton of kids that are like 4-5 with binkis here) So I just decided I would not buy anymore binkis once he lost them. Well Yesterday he lost his last one. So we have been a full day with no binki. It hasn't been as bad as I thought.


shaunelle said...

You know what I agree that kids have them way too long. At a year I take both of them away. It has worked out pretty good for me.

Anderson's Blog said...

adorable sleeping posistion!