Saturday, September 13, 2008

Going to the beach!

On Wednesday we finally went to the beach. Since the hurricanes have been passing us we hadn't had a lot of good weather. So the first sign of good weather we headed to the beach. We went through the palms in this one spot and got attacked by mosquitoes. Seriously there were like six on us at one time it was bad. But we had never had this problem before so we walked to where we were the last time and there were no mosquitoes. Thank heavens! We had a good time the boys loved playing on this cheap little raft we bought. They both love to dig in the sand. Then we were going to leave, we always bring clothes, soap and lotion for the kids 'cause they have showers and we bathe them and they fall asleep on the way home. Well, we could NOT find the keys to get the clothes from the car. So I set the chairs back up and gave the boys a drink while Victor went back everywhere we had been. He didn't find they keys and decided they had to be in the water. So he went to where we had been swimming and started to look. And he actually found them. How lucky huh?!? I mean what are the chances of finding keys in the ocean after we had been swimming for 3 hours? incredible.
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Amy said...

You have such beautiful boys!! I love the updates, especially the pictures. Hope all is well in PR. XOXO.

Anderson's Blog said...

somebody must be watchin' out for you guys! ;)
Isaac & Jamie Macfarlane were over here last night for a moment, as we were watching their 2 girls while they went on an anniversary date (we live Kinda by each other--same city)! anyway, i was showing Jamie your blog as she has no computer at home and had never seen it! she wanted to enlarge your cute pictures and just loved how cute your boys are! they were in a rush or i would have had her read a bit more of it! i told her how hilarious some of your posts are and she was not surprised, saying she thinks you are so funny!