Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

As soon as I got the Camera out Corbin started fallowing me saying "Cheese". This is him holding on to my pants so that I could not walk without taking his picture! (please excuse the Doritos cheese on his face...whatever keeps them happy, right?)
And I guess Jiovan could not eat the cake fast enough with the fork so he resorted to this. No he has never seen anyone eat anything like this so he did not learn this horrible behaviour from me.

This is my dear, sweet Grandpa who turned a young 72 today! He is the sweetest Grandpa. He always loves to see us and Loves to make us laugh! We Love you!

*little update on Vic - He just left Spain heading for Korea to let them see him play. This is a killer 14.5 hour flight! He is on the flight as I type! - GOOD LUCK PAPI!

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Trask Family said...

Nikki, you make me laugh "out loud". And that is the best kind of laugh!