Thursday, October 2, 2008


Thanks for being such a great husband. Always loving me, and being an amazing Father.
Thanks for showing me life outside of Utah, and taking me on this crazy journey! I love watching you play and the expressions on your face and the chanting of the crowd.
I love the way Jiovans face lights up to see you when the game is over and he can run and give you a big hug. I love the way you sing in the car and your moves to all the songs. I love that even though I have no ability to dance, you still try.
Even though it has only been 4 years since we celibrated your birthday together for the first time, it seems that I've known you forever. Thanks for all you do for me ! Here's to your 29th birthday and Many more to come! I LOVE YOU


Mandalynn said...

Nik dear. Where do you live these days? I should come visit you and the babes with my flight benefits!

Torgersons said...

Yay for marvelous husbands! You know in my tag where I sad the last time I barfed was 10 years ago? It was at your house the night before Thanksgiving. I had the stomach flu, and then your entire family got it! Good times.

Torgersons said...

We were having a sleepover the night before Thanksgiving, and I threw up in the middle of the night (in the bathroom thankfully). Your mom had to take me home hahahaha. I don't expect you to remember things like that, and thank goodness you didn't. It was traumatizing enough for me that I'll never forget that horrible night.