Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Painting Pumpkins

We got all the grandkids ( minus My sister Michelle's kids, Raegan and Kyler) together and painted pumpkins grown in my Mom's garden. It was very quick but the kids loved it! Jiovan was a little worried about getting dirty but then went at it. even after his pumpkin was covered in paint he painted on the paper. Corbin didn't like it quite as much...I more forced it on him... He'll be thankful later...Right?
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Anderson's Blog said...

-we used permanent marker on our pumpkins! paint would have been a lot more fun! i love the little handprints on the paper. so cute! we did carve one!
-where did you get those swords? they sound like a blast!
-i'm impressed with all your traveling adventures! wow! the picture of your kids on the luggage is classic! that's cool you posted about it!