Friday, October 17, 2008

We are back!!

Okay so we got back a couple days ago. Vic's team lost in the semi-finals. Good, but bad. Right after we left they got hit by a hurricane and postponed the finals. I HATE traveling with kids. It's such a long flight and keeping kids contained (and quiet) on a plane for like 1000 hours is not an easy task. And can I just say that I freaking hate the economy right now?!?! The airlines have nothing for free. No drinks no crackers NOTHING! and we had to pay 15 dollars for the first checked back for each person and 25 for the second. arg! Although it was our lucky day. ALL of our bags were over weight and we planned a lot of time to rearrange bags and we got there and the guy said it didn't matter how much they weighed for the next few days! YAY!!
So we're back. Not for long just a quick visit. Victor left today to check out a team in Spain and maybe Italy and once things are decided the boys and I will be joining him. Yes, It's a crazy life, but it's the one I have. I enjoy seeing the world and I'm not too attached to my things that I can live with-out them. I love seeing the world and it's a once in a lifetime experience. I'm missing my hubby but hopefully it won't be too long.

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