Monday, November 10, 2008


On Sunday we got snow here in Pine Valley. . .We (Victor and I) HATE cold weather. When we were dating, living in Provo, we had to walk through this huge feild to get to eachother's apartments. As we would walk through it Vic would write stuff in the snow (with his shoes, he will not touch it) So this Sunday when the snow was falling and I was miserably cold by myself (because Vic is already in Italy) I decided to write my own message on the deck and take a pic for Vic so he could se what he's missing:) So there it is Papi... Snow! ...still sitting out there as I type! Though I must admit that it makes it feel Christmasy and I love the holidays!

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Torgersons said...

I think me and you should have a contest to see who hates the snow more. I might win.