Sunday, November 9, 2008

way late, I know!

Just before Halloween I took the boys up to see my sister and her two cute little kiddos. Jiovan and Corbin loved riding in Raegan's power wheel. And my sister's baby is the happiest little thing there ever was. I swear he hardly ever cried (only when being abused by Corbin.) Then for Halloween I borrowed a M & M and Whoopee Cushion costumes from my sister and we went trunk or treating at the church and then to a couple houses. Jovi didn't want to go at first then when he figured out what was going on he was totally into it. Raegan was Belle and Kyler was Squirt from Finding Nemo.
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Torgersons said...

Okay, all those costumes have to be the cutest ones ever. Hahaha, so darling.