Thursday, July 30, 2009

Corbin's Birthday....

Brand New
Corbin had fluid in his lungs and had to be in a NICU for 4 days. What a long process... though he was a GIANT compared to all the babies in the nursery.
4 weeks after he was born we moved to Puerto Rico for the first time... we rigged up a little shade for him. to this day he lOVES the water.
I'd like to think that these boys will be forever best friends.... They fell asleep like this in the car Christmas Day 2006`
Corbin is my little snuggler. He is also my feisty one. Right now he is also a one man wrecking crew. Turn your head for one minute and he is doing something he knows he shouldn't. He loves Jovi More than anything (he also loves to tease him). He's not sleeping as well as I would like... he gets up and doesn't want to go back to bed even though we never let him stay up... we just take him back to bed 100 times.
He loves his grandma and his favorite toys are remotes and computers (the things he can't have.) He talks up a storm and 1/2 the time you can tell what he is saying. The rest he is speaking his own language. He is a great swimmer. He loves to go underwater and jump back up. He is the sweetest little boy we love him lots and what a surprise he was when his blue eyes never changed.... (well one of them is kinda green). Even though this Birthday post to him is late. We love him all the same! How much they change in just a couple of years.... and more yet to come. We love you Corbin!


M@ said...

happy birthday to corbin!

shaunelle said...

Happy Birthday Corbin. he is such a cute little guy.

Michelle said...

Wish I could have been there for his b-day. He is a cute little guy!