Friday, April 9, 2010

no rufflebutts for me :)

So our ultrasound wasn't supposed to be until NEXT Thursday but Vic wasn't going to be able to take us so we had to find somewhere else to do it. Luckily we got in sooner!

If you can't tell...They are BOTH BOYS!

Both have good strong heartbeats and are good size.

It's amazing how much you can love them when they aren't even here yet.
I've been feeling them move quite a bit more. It's not just the "butterfly" feeling anymore. I'm starting to feel actual kicks/punches.

.....Now to name them!


Michelle said...

Yeah I am so excited for you. 4 boys 4 and under. you will have your hands full. Everytime you have called I've been at work, sorry.

defining amy said...

you two make the most beautiful boys. congrats!! those ultrasounds look so cool.

shaunelle said...

Oh that is so great. Congrats and good luck with everything.