Thursday, September 9, 2010


Andre Burton aka Baby A
Weight: 5lbs 1oz
Length: 19 inches
Time: 9:05 pm
Xavier Victor aka Baby B
Weight: 4lbs 15oz
Length 19 inches
Time: 9:06 pm

Corbin did not want to get near the babies. We got him close enough to take a picture and just as the nurse was going to take it Xavier puked all over Corbin. He didn't like that too much. :)

going home


Heather Stott said...

NIkiki! they are adorable! any time you need an extra pair of hands please let me know!!! Id love to come hang out!! They are perfect!

Brittany Davey said...

Oh my gosh what beautiful little boys!! They are perfect! How is it with 2 infants AND 2 toddlers? Are you going crazy?! or are you well adjusted? seriously are you freaking anarexic or what!! you look tiny in these pictures! I almost didn't reconize you, you look so good! for heaven sakes you just had twins and you look like you haven't had a baby at all!!

Chelsea said...

your boys are so adorable!! You are an amazing women to have twins!!!!