Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's to a new Country.

So we made it to France with the 4 boys. Traveling with four wasn't too bad other than in Paris we had to pick up our luggage and recheck it with a new airline at the same time checking in our double strollers as well. so now we had loose 4/5 year old kids and each of us carrying a twin, backpack, and a duffle bag. amazingly it wasn't as bad as you would think. all the boys slept most of the first 10 hr plane ride and was entertained by the dvd player the rest of it the other two plane rides were not too long. and we got here about midnight (france time. which is 8 hrs ahead of home). We had to take a couple cars one for bags and a couple for the family. but we got here.
(the view from the balcony)

This time we have a house...well i guess more like a condo. but its a lot bigger than i was expecting. It is two levels, on the first floor is the living area, ½ bath, kitchen and an AMAZING balcony. On the balcony theres some lounge chairs, bbq and table. you look out to lush green trees of many kinds with a row of rooftops poking through just before the ocean. Part of the ocean goes to the horizon the other part you can see the another part of the island. At night it is also gorgeous looking at the night lights over there. Downstairs there is three bedrooms, Jiovan and corbin sleep in one, it has two beds and french doors that go to the downstairs balcony that is shared with the Master bedroom. The master has its own bathroom with a pretty good sized tub. Then the babies sleep in the other room. It has two beds with a matress under each of them. The babies sleep on the matress on the floor since they should still be in cribs. In that room there is a door to go outside to a little patio where you hang the laundry to dry. Next to the patio is a little outdoor shower. As you go into the babies room is a small room that holds the washer. It is a very small washer and the wierdest one I’ve seen to date. After you open the lid at the top you have to also open the drum of the washer. Then you pour the soap/bleach/softener into the lid. It seems to work well And I actually like hanging the clothes out on the line to dry. Possibly better than having a dryer. Next to the laundry room is another bathroom that has a toilet and shower. All the doors are heavy dark wood doors. Its all furnished and the people who own it left most of there stuff here which i wasn't used to and it was hard to feel at home at first but now it's starting to feel normal.

we live right next to the ocean but right in front of us is too rocky but the sandy beach is to the right about 1/2 mile and there is a beach that had really fine rocks to the left about 1/4 mile. We've been to both and LOVE the rock one because it doesn't hurt your feet and the clean up is SO EASY you can just brush the rocks off. The boys love going to the beach and are always asking when we can go next. I'd be going quite often if it wasn't for the babies.

We're still waiting for them to get us the car that will fit all of us. (It's a little more difficult in Europe to do this since the average size car is the size of a mini cooper) so I haven't been to the grocery store yet or anything so I haven't had to talk/try to talk to anyone yet. We'll be starting french lessons as soon as we get a regular schedule down. Jiovan and Corbin started school today and will be there from 8-4. It is so hard to have them go knowing that none of the other kids will be speaking English. Jiovan says he's just not going to talk to anyone. I know it'll be good for them and they will learn quickly, but it's still REALLY weird to be here with just the babies.
Vic left on an away trip on Saturday and everything went well until my dear little corbin decided he should stick the little had to the lego guy in his ear. I was in the shower when Jiovan came running in to tell me Corbin stuck the lego hand in his ear and then pushed it in with his finger. So I told corbin to come in my room and put his ear on the bed and NOT put his finger in his ear until I got out. So I hurried to finish showering all the while thinking what the heck am I going to do if I can NOT get it out?! I have the number of a english speaking guy "in case of an emergancy". but really, call him over a lego hand in a child's ear?! Luckly the I could see the very end of it and was able to reach it with tweezers.

The babies have learned to crawl onto the couch now which wouldn't be a big deal if they a) knew how to get down feet first instead of head first and b) the floor wasn't all tile. I swear they are going to knock a few screws loose if they don't figure it out quickly.

I have been really "states sick". It's hard to leave the comforts of the states. The 24 hour stores, the dr's, the teachers, my family. people who speak english. Just the regular ol stuff that I grew up with knowing... but it seems like it wont be too hard to enjoy here.


MyLyn said...

your new place sounds awesome! france sounds amazing. I totally know what you mean about missing states stuff. luckily everyone here speaks english but it's a lot like asia. i'm so excited to hear more of your adventures there!

Kristin Macfarlane said...

Are you ready for Josh and I to come visit you yet?! I miss those boys so, so much! Leave it to Corbin to stick something in his ear!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Your balcony looks amazing! I want to see pics of each room and pics at the beach, and of the town.....k. Luv ya!

Brittany said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you and your fam enjoy it! :)

Talent Sprouts said...

I loved the post! I can't stop laughing about Corbin. What a dummy. I LOVE HIM. Jett misses the twins. I went to Steve's spin last night, and it just wasn't the same without you. Love and miss you all!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! 8-4pm for the boys w school!!
They will make friends fast, even speaking English.
Ash said the other day, we should go to France, so I can play with Jiovy and Corbin just for like a day.
Sounds good. A trip to France just for a day.
Love you-Nikki!!!

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bos daiwei said...

luckily everyone here speaks english but it's a lot like asia. i'm so excited to hear more of your adventures there!
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