Saturday, June 21, 2008


Okay, so Thursday we get the news.. We will be moving, yet again. I'm so excited for many reasons of course. First because we will be together as a family (instead of Vic doing camps and being gone Sunday - Friday) and Second because we will be able to make frequent trips to the beach, and it is better pay. We were in Puerto Rico last summer playing for a differant team. And I loved it! some things were hard to get used to (like no hot showers) but we are playing for a better team and so maybe things will be more updated. I'm sad that Jovi will be leaving his cousins. He can play with them day after day. He never wants to stay home. But he also HATES when his Papi leaves. So this will be good for us! Last year we went to a fosforesent bay and it was way cool and we would love to go back!
Vic is leaving to another camp this week and is gone. So i have until Saturday to move out of the town home I am renting. Seems that I always end up moving with out him. Thanks to my Mom, who ALWAYS come to help, I usually get it done. Wish me luck!


karamea.pearl said...

moving is the worst! but i'm excited for you!!! i'm thinking dinner wednesday night. with trish and karlee too? is that okay? bring the boys or not!! and just text me and let me know what will work for your schedule!

Katie said...

Nikki- Hi! This is Katie from the daycare at golds gym. I forgot that you were friends with karlee. So when I was Blog hopping her friend links I found your blog again. That sounds so awesome to get to live in such a neat place. We will miss you and your boys at the gym. Good luck and keep in touch.

Stephanie said...

No! That is so far fo me to visit. But, hey, you deserve a good break, and your husband! We must get together before you flee!

Tyler & Macy Kennett said...

How crazy but I am so jelous of all of your traveling. so awesome.