Monday, July 7, 2008

Okay well we made it... Alive amazingly with the boys and an air plain ride that really felt like forever (no thanks to the retards who would not trade us seats so we could sit in one isle.) I know its bad but i really hope they didn't get much sleep because of the kids. It was a couple and and Jiovan and I were in two seats and then the creepy husband on the isle seat then across was his wife and Vic and Corbin in the other two seats. so yeah. Anyways we are here and I didn't get to take a lot of pictures because we are still living out of our suitcases. The apartment that they have for us is not quite ready yet so the first night we were in this hotel room with two queen beds and about 1/2 foot between the beds and the wall and then about 2 feet between the beds. and with Victor and I and two kids plus like 10 pieces of luggage it was a tight fit. So we are staying in the vacay home of the owner. It is way better, though we still haven't been able to unpack since we don't know when they will move us into our own place.
Its so nice being here. I didn't even have to adjust to the humidity and I have only had 1 mosquito bite! Its so nice to have Vic here with us and he's home ALL day then leaves at 4 or 5 to go to lifting then straight to practice. so he's gone in the evening but home at like 10-11.
Yesterday we went to a beach that he had not been to last time we were here and it was way fun. the boys were loving it (we didn't get pictures) but there will be many more trips to the beach. Anyways that's about it for now!

(the pics are of the boys since we've been here. You can't see anything from the apartment but the floor but I thought the pics were too cute not to post.)
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