Saturday, July 19, 2008

Corbin's 1st Birthday.

I can't believe my baby is 1 year old already! This last year has gone by so fast. For Corbin's birthday we are in Puerto Rico again so there was no family here to have a birthday party. We just celebrated it with our little
Family. First we woke up and I made pancakes while Vic had reading time. (this of course did not last long since the boys do not have attention spans what soever) then we went to the pool at the place we live. It is so perfect (it is right on the beach though there is a tell fence that makes it so you can't see unless you go right to the fence) But it has this little kiddie pool that is the size of a Jacuzzi but it is just deep enough that Jovi can run around and kneel down and it goes right to his chin, and Corbin can sit in his floating and still touch the ground enough to walk around. They loved it. In the big pool there was a Crab. Victor just jumped right in and caught it. (without it pinching him!!) Then we showered and went to this park by our house. It is so cool you can see the ocean right from where your sitting watching your kids play. (there is a fence though so the kids don't go into the ocean and there's not much sand). But this park has EVERYTHING. It has like 5 play sets for the kids to play on. Swing, Little bouncy things...just everything. Then we came home and had birthday cake. We went all over looking for a bakery that had a cake already made and there was not a single one. Lame, I know. So we had to go to wal mart (and the walmart is freaking being remodeled so it is a mad house, more that usual even) so we got this cookies and cream cake. So i bought candles that spelled out "happy Birthday" and the number 1 to make it look more birthday like. Jovi loved "helping" to blow them out. That is pretty much all we did before it was time for him to go to bed. So Happy Birthday Corbin!
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Michelle said...

What cute pics. Corby makes that same face in every is so funny. He scrunches his little nose up. Ha Ha Ha

Torgersons said...

Your little fam is so darling! Sounds like a fun time minus the crab.

Tyler & Macy Kennett said...

I want your kids!!! How about you just have them for me? haha seriouly they are adorable.