Thursday, September 25, 2008


The other day at the pool we caught a lizard and when we let it go it didn't run away. It just stayed there while the kids pet it. When we showed Jiovan the lizard he looks at it and said "hi" to it. So precious!

We went to the pool a few times with this other family that has a vacation place here. Jiovan loved playing with their daughter and the floaty was perfect for Corbin. He loves to walk around in the pool and occasionally he would fall. He can usually get up himself but would need our help if he fell back. The floaty kept him free but also afloat.
This is just after Jiovan Jumped into the pool. He LOVES the water. He likes to run and jump into the pool (trying to upload a video of it). He also likes to sit on the bottom of the kiddy pool with his head under. In the big pool he pushes of the steps and kicks his legs and arms trying to swim to us. He'll succeed in no time!

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