Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today we decided to take the kids to the Zoo. Mainly Jiovan because Corbin doesn't really know the difference. Jiovan walked almost the whole way (except for some quick stops for eating, and waiting for the rain to stop). Victor and I would pick him up so he could see over the fence to look at all the "am alls" . At one place in the zoo there are some cut-outs of different kinds of animals so kids could see if they are bigger than the animal and we were sure to stop and take some pics! We got a family pic by the elephant even though you can't really see it. Then Jiovan was waving "bye-bye" to him. We stopped at this place there to get the kids something to eat and drink. Like always Jiovan wants to do whatever his Papi is doing. Corbin was just happy to get out of the stroller and run around. Jiovan was loving it! He got to see tigers, lions, giraffes, all sorts of birds, monkeys baboons, hippos, camels, llamas, ostriches, iguanas, turtles, zebras and tons other ones that I cant think of!

This is front and back of some t-shirts we got for the kids and they were so excited to put them on when we got home. Jiovan likes anything new!
I just liked this pic of Jiovan looking at the giraffe! He loved them!
While we were waiting for the rain to stop Jovi decided he had to go potty. And when a kid has to go a kid has to go!

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Anderson's Blog said...

i love how you did the pictures! this is the best time of life, i think...little ones are so challenging, but so rewarding! they grow up way too fast!