Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jovi got his stitches out!

Jiovan got his stitches out on Sunday. . . He then got them replaces with some steri strips. Stitches looked better but we are working on having little scaring and keeping it closed. I also included some pictures I took that same day that I thought were cute and the one Corbin's eyes look SOO blue! And I love the one of Jiovan like this too!


Hoffman Household said...

Hey Nickki! Oh my gosh its been so long since I have seen you! Well J and I have a blog as well. jthoffmanhousehold.blogspot.com You have such a gorgeous family! Hope your son heals ok! Keep in touch.

Jake & Becca said...

Ouch! I have to say I'm really not looking forward to the first stitches. At least the chin isn't too visible for scarring. They are both so adorable still! It was so fun to see you guys!

Rachel said...

I guess this is what I have to look forward to eh? boys are just a ton of fun and trouble from what I keep hearing. Thanks for the advice about the pool. I'll for sure be keeping that in mind!