Sunday, November 23, 2008

Traveling! (longest post ever..)

This weekend we took a quick trip to SLC for my Grandma's 80th B-day party put on by my Aunt Becky and Uncle Kelly. It was the first time in....well forever that my siblings and I have been in the same place at the same time. (Minus Michelle's husband Scott and of course Victor who is in Italy). It was also My sister Crystal's birthday! LOVE YOU CRYSTAL!!!!! we celebrated by having some yummy cake before going up to Grandma's house.

This is a rocking chair given to my Grandma's Mother for her 4th birthday! I just had to put these pics on!

*don't mind the goober on Corbin's shirt. He seemed to get a hold of some one's drink, dump in down the front of his shirt, AND stain part of his shoes pink... oh well, oh and the chapped face from a: dry weather, still adjusting, and b: SLOBBER! something that happens when they get 4 teeth at the same time (was 8 but 4 molars came in). ANYWAYS...

While driving back home from our little vacay I was thinking how I am so thankful for portable DVD players and how my Mom and Dad would travel with all 4 kids and NO DVD player. Though kids are still hard to travel with I can't begin to imagine my life with-out them. They are so different yet I love them equally! They are the center of my world here on earth! I love them more then I could have ever imagined. I'm so thankful for them and they teach me so much! I will forever cherish the memories of the hard times and the laughter from the good! I JUST LOVE THEM! -nuff said!



I also had to buy a new stroller :(. I love the one that I have. It has seen many games, shopping centers, and countries! Good-Bye to my dear Graco Duo glider LXI in Samba that I search for many months for before Corbin was born and hello to Combi Twin Sport Stroller! The old one was too big for our car in Italy so I had to downsize. I'm very sad about having to go with a side by side, worried about getting through doors, but at least I will no longer have to listen to Jiovan OR Corbin scream about he other one kicking them in the back. Also this one folds in half and then half again...amazing! Hopefully it will be good to me!

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