Wednesday, December 10, 2008


On Monday I decided to take the kids to a movie so my Mom, Dad, Corbin, Jiovan, Uncle Greg (not pictured, he was late), and I went to see. I was worried about how long they would be able to stand sitting to watch the movie but they ended up doing pretty well!
Jiovan sat through the whole movie and just loved it, Corbin sat through 45 minutes (thanks to 3 cup fulls of popcorn) then got up and was able to wonder a little bit since we were the only ones in there! It was a cute show and Jiovan loved watching and Corbin loved the treats!


Michelle said...

Sounds like a blast...hope you had a good birthday. Wish I could see those cute little guys more often

Jake & Becca said...

They look so cute on those little boosters! We went o a movie once where we were the only ones... so nice with a little one.

Jake & Becca said...
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