Sunday, December 14, 2008

Menzis Camden Macfarlane

Menzis Camden Macfarlane
8 pounds
six ounces.
19 inches long!
Congrats Josh and Kristin!!!

My brother had his baby on Thursday and he is one cute little bugger! Since Kristin is diabetic the baby had some problems with his sugar when he was born (his sugar was better the next morning). He had a hard time breathing and was put in the NICU so he could be on a c-pap machine and some forced air. They put some meds in his lungs to help them develop and so he had to be there for 48 hours after that. He cant eat because of the air so they have tubes giving him his food.
He has now been taken off the C Pap machine and they are lowing the level of the forced air. He seems to be doing well and he is much less swollen since these pics and still just as cute! They still say he'll be in there for at least 3 more days.

Seeing him really reminds me of when Corbin was born. He didn't have the C-pap but he had an IV in his belly button (which made it so I couldn't hold him for 4 of the 5 days he was in there) and some breathing things. plus all the wires they always have hooked up for monitoring. This makes me want another one even more (not right now but eventually).....Vic still says "NO!!!" So we'll see.
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Our Blog said...

baby Menzis is here! yay for Kristin, she did good again! ;)
hey-we went to the Festival of Trees too, on Thursday, the 4th! i wonder if we were there the same night?!
the gel story is funny. your boys, and you and your family for that matter (!), are adorable!

Michelle said...

isn't it Menzies? That is how dad spells it at least. Wish I could have been there! Hope you guys are having fun. Have a Merry Christmas!

karlee said...

So I sent our Holiday Card to the address you gave me in Pine Valley but it was returned!!! Maybe I should have put Macfarlane on it... thats the only reason I can see it coming back..
WEll... the card is on my blog if you want to see it!
Hope your having a good Holiday!

Michelle said...

you are not allowed any more comments on my blog until you add more pictures to