Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This week (and last) we have been getting my Mom's Christmas decor out. We did my Grandpa's lights on Monday, which usually get done the Monday before Thanksgiving but who knows why it didn't happen. Then yesterday we got all the lights up at my Mom's house and it was FREEZING.
Since we do not get to spend Christmas with any extended family this year I have been really been enjoying the pre-Christmas traditions. Like, going to the festival of trees (and doing a tree this year, turned out great, was madness, and never again) Lights, decorations, Dickens Festival and Making a gingerbread house.
I had the stuff to make a gingerbread house for like a week now but haven't gotten around to it. So today I put Corbin down for a nap so Jiovan and I could decorate it... Looks don't matter right? It's how much fun you have making it! Jiovan LOVED it he was giggling the whole time and loved ever minute of it. (I'm sure a lot had to do with him eating more treats the actually putting on the house) And I was more messy than he was! He told me "Mami, your hands are MESSY!" then he proceeded to like the frosting off my fingers.

Christmas is my most favorite time of year, and although I will not be able to spend it with my side of the family (like have been my entire life) I'll be with my own little family and we can start our own traveling Christmas traditions!

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shaunelle said...

way cute house. I love decorating gingerbread houses. We do it every year.