Friday, December 5, 2008

Dickens Festival

We went to the dickens festival mostly for the Santa that they have. He is the best Santa I have ever seen... Maybe even the REAL Santa!!! We let the kids nap fed them and took them straight there so they were in a good mood. Santa was feeding his reindeer and wouldn't be back for like an hour. So we let the kids play in the waiting line since no one was there and then it was time!!! ...THE kids got to see Santa!!! We did pictures of each child alone and as single families and than as a group (sadly my sister Michelle could not have her kids there with us). It took us 35 minutes and the kids were eager to get the treat!

Jiovan and Corbin both decided they were NOT going to smile. This was okay because they weren't screaming. As soon as I took Corbin from Santa he started saying "cheese!"...bother! I also could not resist posting the picture of my nephew Tayton him and Santa are pulling faces and it is SO cute!

After seeing Santa we walked around. Many neat things that made me wish I had a place to decorate. One day, I tell myself....One day. But I did enjoy looking! My Dad forced my mom to get her picture drawn by an artist there and I think it turned out well. It took about a half hour and my Mom's poor neck was stiff. Meanwhile Jiovan is screaming his lungs out while I walk around ACTING calm. This is very embarrassing! Finally he calms down and Corbin falls asleep. Than I get to walk around and actually look at stuff. At least 5 people had asked if Jiovan and Corbin were twins. . .It's starting already.

By the time we left we had been there for 4 hours!!!! I was ready to go home and the kids were as well!
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