Friday, December 5, 2008

Corbin's first (real) hair cut

Today I finally took Corbi over to Crystal's to get his hair cut... I don't know why but it grew completely uneven when he was a baby. It almost looked like a Mohawk so I would "trim" up the top to make it look better. Well since it has been almost a year and a half it was well past due to even it up and get rid of the thin stuff and mullet looking back.

He did NOT like it at first but as soon as he realised I had the camera he was all smiles! I forgot to take an after picture so I'll post that later, but it looks SO good. Its much shorter but looks thicker and a little darker too!

OH! On a side note... Our gel came today!!! There is only one kind of gel that works well in my boys hair. Through trial and MUCH error Victor found this get that worked amazing in his hair. It stays soft yet doesn't get white and flaky and doesn't make it frizz more! We found it living in Provo at smiths. (yes it was a last resort place to check but we had tried EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE!) Then, they stopped carrying it. We were devastated and looked in ever salon and ever store to find this gel for "ethnic" hair. No one had it so I turned to the Internet finding it at Walgreen'! AMAZING!!! Anyways we have been out for weeks now (I have some hidden from me in storage somewhere). So It got here today and my kids will finally look like someone cares for them! YAY!!

*The other day Jiovan came looking for me and came across my Mom and said "Mami?" and my Mom turned around. He then says "Oh, you not Mami, you Mama." We thought this was so cute and today when I was giving them a bath I wondered what he would say if I called him Corbin. So I say, "Corbin come here." and he replies, "I no boe-bee, I ME!" It was so cute!
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