Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Italy Apartment

So my friend wanted to see Pictures of our place here and I also thought I should document it now so that later we could look back on it. There is first the living room that has an entertainment center and rug with a little dining area and two doors that go to a balcony. I'm not sure witch is the view from those balconies. then there is a TINY kitchen with a not so tiny table. When the kids are in there with me it feels crowded. there is no Dishwasher OR microwave. The dishes get placed in this drying rack thing that is above the sink in a cupboard. (PS please disregard the two bags of trash that are hanging on the balcony door. This is because we have 3 other trash cans under the sink and there is no where else for these ones. Recycling took us a little while to get the hang of. So yes, we have 5 trash cans in the kitchen. 1-glass and aluminum. 2-diapers and other things that don't get recycled 3-the food scraps and paper towels. 4-plastic and 5 paper (such as boxes from cereal, and other stuff like that. there are no windows just these doors that go to the balconies. there are metal shade things that come down kinda like a garage door or something. you can open them to vent or open them all the way. When they are closed I kid you not you can not tell from midnight to noon if they are shut all the way.) The bathroom has a 2x2 (or close to) shower and a little sitting tub next to it. then there is the baday (don't ask. i have NEVER used it and probably never will) then the Toilet. in front of the toilet is this tiny washer (though i am thankful for it) that fits like 5 articles of clothing. as you can see my 2 year old son Jiovan is bigger than it. then the pedestal sink. the master bedroom is nothing special and the boys room is even less so. (it also serves as our drying room where i hang the clothes to dry. Every room has a balcony and everyone used them. I don't have a picture of it but the locks on the front door are crazy. it is like a bank vault. but at least it is safe right? And the elevator (thankfully there is one with the boys it would take all day to come up the stairs) is so tiny the four of us have to sardine in there to fit.I will be returning to the states (with out my dear hubby) on the 17th of March. We didn't get our visa's before we came because you can come with a tourist visa. Unfortunately they only let you stay for 3 months:( I'm happy to be leaving here but not happy to be leaving without victor.. . for some reason living in amazing countries isn't quite as great when your living and not visiting. and please don't shoot me for saying so! well that's pretty much the gist of it!
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Hoffman Household said...

How cozy! I like it, looks like it fits you well! I would just love to be in Italy, even in a tent! Haha! Lucky girl.

Our Blog said...

italy, italy. the place i've wanted to go my whole life! i did go into a boarder town for an hour once, but i wanted more!!!! it's neat you're there in spite!
i absolutely loved reading this! you will be so glad you documented this stuff! your discriptions are so funny -- of the bank vault locks on the front door, the baday, etc. i went to France for a month when i was 17(out of my paper route money i earned years before!) and remember that thing.
by the time you were describing the tiny washer in front of the toilet that fits like 5 articles of clothing you had me giggling pretty hard! i'm sure it is true you poor thing! that's nuts!!!!