Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fat Doggin

Corbin is my little eater He eats ANYTHING and a lot of it! we have these rolls that he loves and he eats 1/2 of it a bite at a time then he shoves the rest in his mouth... it is so funny because he'll walk around like this forever with it in his mouth like that.

The other day Victor and I had one of his teammates (and his girlfriend) coming over to babysit so we could go out so I was trying to keep Corbin awake so he would sleep while they were here. Well we put him in his chair for lunch he ate and seconds later this is what we find.... Corbin passed out in his chair.. I think this is the exact deffinition of Fat doggin.

Lately we have been trying to get Corbin to say Papi... (he said a ton of things, thanks please welcome two, three (skips one as previously said and a lot of other things) but refused to say Papi, every time you ask him to say Papi he says Mama!... So the other day after lunch I told him he had to say Papi before he could get down. He sat there for an hour without saying it (i would come in and try to get him to say it and leave because he wouldn't) So then I sat down and told him to say "pa" he did, then told him to say "pi" he did then I said say "papi" and he said NO! so then I tried again, Say "pa" he did. Say "pi" and he had figured out what I was doing and goes back to "mama!" and still will not say it.. we'll keep trying.

Today I put the kids to bed and came in picked up their toys and got on the computer soon after I hear corbin come out of his room, I told him to go back and he didn't so I got up so I could lead him back. He ran (All the lights ar off in the apartment so he's going by the light of the TV. and it is in the other room) he runs down the hall to go to his room and ran smack into the door and fell on his butt. It was pretty funny and he didn't cry... Thats what he gets for getting out of bed AND running from me:)
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Jake & Becca said...

Ha ha ha! That makes me laugh. They always go to sleep when you're trying to keep them awake! Good talking to you! Take care

Jewls said...

Hoorah! You're back! how long are you here for? We'll have to go grab lunch and take lunch and the boys over to the splash pads at Downtown. I'll just relive all my childhood dreams through your boys. HAHA :D