Sunday, April 5, 2009


So Right when i got back to the states I got the stuff done for our health insurance... Well wouldn't you know Corbin just couldn't wait to get sick?!

The poor little guy started coughing one day and I figured he just had a cold. It wasn't a bad cough... the next day I couldn't tell if it was a croup cough or just regular... I took him to insticare (always the best place ***rolling eyes***) and they looked in his throat said it looked really bad. They just put him on an antibiotic. That was on Friday and on Monday he was still feverish and not eating or drinking anything. I took him in to see his Doctor. He said his throat fine but he thought he might have Mano because C was going to bed at 7 sleeping until 10 then nap at 12 -4 and back to bed at 7. sometimes longer. and he had a crackle in his lungs. He decided to wait it out because we didn't have insurance and they couldn't test him for it for a few more days anyways... well two days later C wakes up in the middle of the night coughing and not being able to stop. There's nothing worse than when your kids are sick and there is nothing you can do for them. So I woke up my dad to give him a blessing and he stopped within a minute or so.. such a miracle. I took him in the next day to find out he's got wheezing AND crackling... He had Pneumonia. The treatment for all this is to stay on the antibiotic and do these breathing treatments... NO FUN FOR EITHER of us. Well it has been over a week and all is well now...

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whew! that sounds stressful! i'm glad he is doing better now. it's so hard when little kids get sick--kinda scary!