Sunday, April 5, 2009

So spring break weekend my Sister Michelle came to St. George to spend some time with her in-laws. We managed to sneak a peek of her as well a few times. The day she was going back home we decided to get together and make lunch at my G-pa's house. The picture above has my two, the one in red is my sister Crystal's. and Michelle's are in green and the little guy hiding in the back with black/gray stripes. It was fun to see everyone. the only ones that couldn't make it were Josh's kiddos. (*** Jiovan and Regan look like siblings, don't they?!)
These handsome fellas are Crystal's boys.. Draygen, Tayton, Briggs,and McCoy. I can not imagine having 4 Boys!!!
This is most of the kiddos eating suckers out back at Grandpa's house!! what a sport he is for having us all!

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Torgersons said...

Jiovan and Regan could TOTALLY be siblings. They look so much alike. Probably because Regan is Michelle's twin and Jiovan is your twin. They're darling!