Thursday, July 9, 2009


A trip to the park... kids never get sick of this stuff, do they?!

In July Victor and I got to spend some time alone with out the kids... we hung out in Vegas after Victor flew in from playing some V-ball. We went to Hooters (it was his 1st time). and he got a HUGE sandwich.

we also booked a tour of the dam. They served dinner and it was really nice and relaxing.We got back and realized we had left a LOT of cash in the safe at the hotel so Vic, me, and the boys headed back and stopped at in-n-out and the boys had fun with stickers and the hats.

I started a new project. I decided to make quilts for each of the boys for their beds. I also made matching pillow cases. This is before it was sewn together.

If you really know my dad he LOVES to water the lawn with the hose... he got a major upgrade when they had their water going and got the pump out.
and another day at the park... love this pic.
That pretty much sums up the pics I have for June.

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