Thursday, July 9, 2009

so far...

had some nap time... this doesn't happen very often with Corbin... he's a little too active :)

we went up north and spent some time with my sister while Vic did a camp... University mall has a great little play area for the kiddos.

We then got together with my sister and brother and their kids in St. George to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D...The boys LOVED it

4th of July of course... we had a few small fire works infront of my grandpa's house on the Black Hill before the sun bowl fire works... Every year we go ontop of his garage and watch the big fire works (best seats ever) and have root beer floats.
Corbin tried sparklers once and didn't want anything to do with them after that.... so we just got some random ones of him..
I know you can't tell by the pic but Jovi LOVED the sparklers... though he would just stare in amazement and watch them burn.

The boys had fun playing with the smoke bombs.

My nephew Ayden thought it was funny to make it look like smoke was coming out his @$$. I have to admit... I laughed too.
Why do boys love playing with fire??? Vic was burning a pile of matches.
FINNISHED MY PROJECT!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED. they turned out so cute.... they are both the same but here is the outcome!


Amy said...

Nikki.. You did such an amazing job on those quilts they are darling!!!

Heather Stott said...

beautiful quilts I am way impressed!

Trask Family said...

Are you freaking kidding me?! Hand quilting, not tied with yarn. NO WAY NIKKI. You ARE amazing!

The Batistas said...

oh i should have specified that they were machine quilted... i thought i was amazing for doing the binding lol...

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a good 4th. Your blankets did turn out really good!