Tuesday, October 27, 2009

because i can, and I love them.

Just some random pictures because I LOVE them and I think they are cuter than everyone else... but what mother doesn't think that about their kids??
I just LOVE these boys!! and miss their long hair!!!

This is a photo of all 11 grandkids on my side of the family.
Kyler, Avery, Reagan, Draygen, Tayton, Briggs, Corbin, Jiovan. Front: Camden, Ayden, McCoy


Erica Ann Lott said...

i think it's totally valid that you think your kids are cuter than everyone else's. mostly because they are. beautiful boys, seriously nikki!

Michelle said...

I love this pic! This is the first time I've seen it and it is great!

Lexi Brown Patterson said...

You and Victor sure do make beautiful boys. You have every right to be a proud biased mom. I am! I'm so sad you won't be in PR with us. It's so nice and sunny here. Hope you are doing well despite the sad news. Take care.

defining amy said...

I am in love with Corbin's smile in that second picture!! So so so cute. such beautiful boys. Hope you guys are doing well.