Thursday, September 16, 2010

The twin's 2 month check up.

(Andre is on the left, Xavier on the right)

Has it only been 2 months?! So much has happened in that much time.
It seams like they spent a lifetime in the NICU, and it seems like they have been home forever!
well they had their 2 month check-up today here are the stats.

9.52 lbs 8%
21.26 inches 4%
head 14.8 inches 7%

9.22 lbs 6%
21.46 inches 6%
head 14.8 inches 7%

Both babies have a herniated belly button. Dr. Marsden said they will heal up on their own. Andre's is really small and Xavier's is 3x the size of Andre's but still nothing to worry about.
What a relief.
They are also ahead of when they should be. Dr. M says they are really close to catching up to a regular 2 month old baby.

I'm so lucky. They are such good babies. Only cry when they are hungry or need a bum change. Jiovan and Corbin love to help with everything from putting dirty diapers away, getting new diapers/clothes to holding them or giving them their binkis. Love those two boys as well!
What a lucky Mami I am!

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