Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tour de France

Okay so it only took me 2 months to post this. But everyone has been asking to see pics.

here you go, starting downstairs:

jiovan and Corbin's room. Those doors open and it goes out to a deck/balcony)
another view of J&C's room
Downstairs bathroom
Our bedroom (doors also open going to balcony shared w/ j&c)
another view of our room
our bathroom
balcony shared w/ jiovan and corbin
view from our room out the doors
laundry room (go through and there is a door to the babies' room)
babies room (that door goes outside to where we hang clothes)
another view of babies room (that door on the left is a storage closet)
another angle of babies room
area where we hang clothes
outside shower for after we go to the sandy beach
(this only has cold water and they babies HATE it)
this is right next to where we hang clothes and it goes up to the front of the house
this goes down to the back
two outside storage rooms. (dirt floors.)
front of the house
looking at the front door
(the wood doors to the right open to the living room. Open to glass doors)
again, the kitchen
going out of the kitchen
view from kitchen window
just out of the kitchen . door to left is the front door. the door straight ahead is the 1/2 bath and the suitcase is our "baby gate" to the stairs. We have tried a couple different baby gates but they aren't big enough. this suitcase works perfect for now.
living area
living area going out to the upstairs balcony
and another view of the balcony.

*** not pictured : 1/2 bath upstairs. I will post later there is just a toilet and a TINY sink.


You know who said...

I am jealous!!! It looks like a fun place to live with beautiful views!!

karlee said...

Oh my goodness. What a stunning view. I would love to wake up to that view.. and beautiful babies!
I hope youre making the best of it while youre out there Nikki. Enjoy yourself!

Lexi Patterson said...

Your place looks awesome. I can't believe you are doing all of this with 4 boys. I hope I grow up to be like you someday. I'm just barely managing this lifestyle with 2 boys! Enjoy France!

Anonymous said...

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Rully Nur'mansyah said...

Wow Nice House :D

Anonymous said...

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bos daiwei said...

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