Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Last Week In Italy

So were back. When I say we, I do not mean my whole family. I mean the two little boys and myself. Yes, we had to leave Vic in Italy. We didn't realize until it was too late that we had to extend our "tourist visas". But Vic had to get a visa to even get into Italy since he is a citizen of Dominican Republic. This was very hard. I hate being away from him and it is even harder to explain to the kids that we have to leave him again for a while. The first few day Jiovan told me he wanted to go home. That was sad. As much as I enjoyed touring Italy, I did not like living there but I would give anything to go back and be with Vic.

These are their drinking fountains... they run constantly and the last week that we were there I decided I would actually let them play in it.
*notice the graffiti on the roof? yes, it is covering the entire play set thing

Just a random morning I took a picture of the boys with their Papi... Love you, miss you!


Stephanie said...

Oh, what darling pictures of the boys! I miss you and them.

The Hoffmans said...

Awww, I am so sorry you and Vic have to be away from eachother. I know the feeling! Your boys are gettin so big! They are so cute. There little smiles are irresistable!