Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First week back.

So the first week we were back it was spring break for my brothers kids so they stayed at my mom's house and we watched them. It was so nice for the boys to have other kids to play with and they were so good with them! One day we made cupcakes and had spring sprinkles and leftover valentines sprinkles and i just let the kids do there thing... This of course was too messy of an activity for Corbin so we did it while he was napping.... Here are the results... Jiovan loved it but didn't really care to eat it.. had maybe two or three bites.

This is Ayden. My brother's son.
And Avery. His Daughter
Then them together..... and last but NOT least...
Jiovan! (I can NOT believe he will be 3 this month!)
And Corbin... this is him coloring. His favorite thing to do.


Ryan and Angie Dana Family said...

Glad your Back!

Our Blog said...

sweet, sweet pics.
k, so i think i may totally get the idea of feeling you'd give anything to be with your hubby!!! ahhh! i don't know how you do it girl. you're awesome.